I can teach you all the “how-to” in the world, but if you don’t combine it with a strong “want-to”, you’re not gonna make it.

This is my first blog and I’m very excited! I’ll use this as a journal to give you a bit of motivating insight on creating an active, healthier, fitter, lifestyle. I’ll share my 23+ years as a personal fitness consultant feeding you tons of weight loss tips, exercise tricks and fat-blasting secrets that have produced phenomenal, long lasting RESULTS. Within weeks, you’ll have a toolbox full of weight loss tools you never knew existed!

I’ll start this blog off by sharing my daily motivational mantra that has hung on my mirror for the last 20 years of my life.

5:30AM – my favorite time to train. I’ll take care of the things I need to take care of later. This is my time. My workout. I work it in sometimes at strange hours depending on my teaching schedule. The days when I don’t have the time are the days that I make sure to find the time.

I don’t need crowds of people around. I just need my body and my music. My training is for me. I turn down the volume in the world and dial in on how I feel.  Finally something not complicated, work hard ~ feel good.

I search for the effort. I look for the point where I can’t complete the last rep. At least I can’t complete it today. Today’s workout prepares me for tomorrow.

I compare myself to who I was yesterday. Am I better? Am I stronger?

I have another day of transforming and pushing myself beyond maintenance, another training session to pile on top of the other training sessions. I recall all the workouts and they stack one on top of the other, reminding me of how strong I’ve become. I remember the times when I went to my studio even when I was overwhelmed with trivia. The days I hit the gym to celebrate, and the times I hit the weights because I had to hit SOMETHING!

I stand tall with the knowledge I can go beyond maintenance. IT’S NOT JUST MY BODY I’VE BUILT IN THE GYM!

I am excited to train, teach, and grow with each and every one of you!


4 thoughts on “I can teach you all the “how-to” in the world, but if you don’t combine it with a strong “want-to”, you’re not gonna make it.

  1. Brittney Esser

    6:00am Monday~ ANOTHER MONDAY….grrrr!!! Hit the snooze at least twice! Ok I HAVE to get up! I HAVE to workout!!! I can hear my mom’s voice inside my head (I wont repeat what it said LOL) and I can almost feel her lifting me off the oh so warm and so comfortable mattress!

    Ok i’m up! I’m dressed and downstairs. Fumble to find my Turbo Jam dvd…darn it Princess must have hid it! FOUND IT…put it into the Plystation and now we are beginning to work out! 2 minutes in and I’m wide awake and sweating already! I’m FEELING AWESOME!!!

    20 minutes later I’m ready to begin my week! Got my cardio in and all it took was 20 minutes! Tomorrow I will put myself through what some might call hell or even down right stupid but I like to refer to it as Crossfit!!!!

    BRING IT ON!!!!

    • Carole

      You are what we call, ADDICTED! Exercise is like this elixir that we can’t get enough of! Gotta love it!! I’ll gladly experience hell (CrossFit) with you later this week, okay?

  2. Brittney Esser

    Tuesday the 10th @ 6:00am~ YES I’m well aware that I’m 1/2 hour behind schedule! My “behind” couldn’t get out of bed. You know I gotta figure out why I’m so sleepy now a days. I used to be up BEFORE the alarm rang;now I hit that darn snooze button at least 2 times! I think I know why and can sum it up in one word…PEYTON!!!

    Ok so 6am and I AM WORKING OUT! I did my “hell” AKA Crossfit session outside while watching the sunrise. What better way to start your day than to soak up God’s sunshine and fresh air?!

    This morning’s routine started off with jump roping (gotta warm up those old bones) and then on to various moves such as jump squats, pull ups, pushups, walking lunges and crunches. I did jump rope in between each set of exercises and my reps ranged from 10-20!

    20 minutes later, a gallon of sweat left on my patio and a liter of water chugged I am now ready to start my day (which started off with a screaming toddler who was throwing punches and flying legs all morning) or journey as I like to call it!

    What did you do this am???

  3. Carole

    Burpees was the most popular answer and I bet you can guess what is was that we did in all our classes today. Yep, BURPEES!!! Congrats ladies! I am so IMPRESSED!!

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