Did You Do The Exercise Of The Day?

I love Tuesdays, especially when I wake up before my 4:30AM alarm! Pumped up and ready to start the day, I fired up the studio for some intense, sweaty fun, and anxiously waited for the 5:30AM class to arrive.

Creating the class workout isn’t rocket science. I’ve been told that I’m pretty damn good at what I do. It takes years of studying, listening, and knowing exactly what each individual’s intensity levels are. Most people have no idea what their bodies are capable of doing until they hire me to show them how.

After reviewing the morning roster, I decided that the best workout for this group would be to ask them this question: “What exercise do you hate to do or that discourages you the most and why?”

Can you guess what the most popular answer was?

3 thoughts on “Did You Do The Exercise Of The Day?

  1. Brittney Esser

    LOL I was going to say that or the box jumps!!!

    PS…If Carole EVER asks what your least favorite is…don’t pick the hardest exercise ever made to mankind!

  2. Faye Yates

    One class Carole asked this question and I said burpees ~ had to do 50 of them!!!! Will never say burpees again 🙂

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