Weight Loss Doesn’t Happen Overnight!

Or the next day so the 1st thing we might want to address in this blog is a change in your vision. I have years and years of CONSISTENT ‘exercise’ and my body fluctuates on a daily basis.

80% of achieving your ideal weight, usually within 5-10lbs of what you weighed at 18, is based on your fuel. Face it; if your fuel source doesn’t grow out of the ground, walk on the land or swim in the sea, it’s probably not very healthy for you.

So what’s the other 20% of achieving your goal? Let’s go back to the basics. Crank up your favorite CD and try compound movements. Compound movements are exercises that utilize 2 or more joints. Short bursts, high intensity. Try this quick fat blaster routine this afternoon.

Warm up 5 minutes light cardio – jump some rope, do 20 jumping jacks, and throw in 10 mountain climbers, something, anything, just MOVE!! Then circuit this 3-4 times.

10 burpees, 10 up/down planks, 10ea right/left splits, 10 squat/curl/press, 10 reverse curls. Hydrate and stretch!!

Getting significant results takes time, patience, discipline, and consistent motivation and education. CONSISTENCY is the key to the fountain of youth!

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One thought on “Weight Loss Doesn’t Happen Overnight!

  1. Brittney Esser

    I have to tell you…even with only 2-3 hours of sleep in me I still got up and did my Turbo Jam 😉

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