How Many Calories Are You Eating?

Way too often I encounter a client who believes eating 500 calories a day will help them lose weight.  It’s unfortunate but a lack of truthful information is streaming through the media. And diet companies are not the only ones to blame. Every day we are bombarded with information contradicting itself that it gets so frustrating, you don’t know what to believe.
Honestly, I’m not surprised that we are in the situation we are as a country. When I deliver information, I make sure it is scientifically proven and from a viable source.
This one is no different.
A Little Metabolism 101
Your basal metabolic rate is how many calories you will burn at  rest (calories you burn sitting on the couch all day.) These calories are expended performing functions in your body so you stay alive.
Unfortunately the Basal Metabolic Rate is often taken out of the equation when trying to balance the whole calories in verses calories out equation (I suppose unbalance would be a better word here.)
So the mentality is that training for 1-2 hours and burning 1200 calories is going to be the calories out while taking in 1000 calories in a day creates the caloric deficit we are looking for. This looks good on paper, but here is why it is flawed.
Your basal metabolic rate is your metabolism. Have you had your metabolism tested yet? If not, email me and we’ll set up a convenient time. Your metabolism is dependent upon several factors: body size, activity level, diet, meal frequency, hydration level and amount of lean muscle tissue, to name a few. If you were a 40-year-old 140 pound female who was 5′ 6″ tall, your basal metabolic rate would be approximately 1532.
That’s 1500 calories doing absolutely nothing! If you take this example and you have a sedentary desk job, your calorie output just working and sitting would be approx. 1838. And that’s without any exercise.  Makes eating 500 calories a day seem a little absurd doesn’t it? The great thing about the basal metabolic rate is that you can increase it so that you burn more calories at rest.
Weight training will do that and September classes are filling so get in on them NOW! And remember, your muscle IS your metabolism. So I’m going to say it once and for all, you must eat more to lose weight (but the more must be fuel from supportive foods)
Looks like the impossible just became a little more realistic!!