High Carb, Lo Carb, No Carb?

Carbohydrate Confusion!

I’m not a Registered Dietician nor am I a Nutritionist; I do however, have a basic understanding of how carbs work within the body. Let me educate you on what a carbohydrate is.

There are 3 types of carbs, complex, fibrous and simple. Complex carbs are absorbed very slowly in your system and do not rapidly raise your blood sugar.  These are good carbs that should be eaten in moderation throughout your day. Examples of complex are oatmeal, whole wheat bread. Fibrous are like romaine lettuce, spinach and other green leafy vegetables.

Simple carbs are carbs that rapidly raise blood sugar and insulin production levels. They break down fast and have very little fiber in them. Examples are candy, sugar and starchy foods.  Simple carbs are associated with obesity and many chronic diseases.

Reduce or eliminate these and you’ll feel energized immediately!

The GI or Glycemic Index is a system which generally shows you how quickly the sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream and raise your production for insulin. I worked with a physician who introduced the GI to her patients and saw a rapid improvement in their health. Basically, net carbs means the amount of carbs that will directly affect your blood sugar and insulin levels. Fiber is not counted as net carbs because fiber does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels and is absorbed by your digestive system. It helps to keep you regular. Examples of fiber are also green leafy vegetables, and nuts like almonds.

I do agree that this whole carb thing is another big money grabbing ploy, just like fat-free, sugar-free, high protein diet, etc. Everyone is going to be combing the isles of the supermarket looking for the label touting the latest & greatest new fangled diet “low carb,” “high protein,” “low-fat,” “no fat,” “no sugar” –WHATEVER!

Aren’t you sick of it?

I go around the outer edge of the supermarket where all the essentials are, rarely going to the stuff in the middle. Grab some fresh fruit, veggies, stop at the meat/fish dept, get some skim milk, a dozen eggs, some greek yogurt,  and a box of oatmeal. The only stuff that I get from the middle is olive oil, whole wheat pasta & maybe a box of rice. We eat 5-6 meal/snacks a day & exercise or are active as often as life allows.

Food, like exercise is supposed to be flexible and livable. If you’re stressing out about counting carbs and what carbs are “good” or “bad” you’re not enjoying life! If you’re eating whole grains, veggies & fruit then your carbs are all good anyway!

Hope this helps. Investing in your health is the 1st step in having an active life and achieving any goals you may have!


2 thoughts on “High Carb, Lo Carb, No Carb?

  1. Brittney Esser

    Just wanted to throw out what a typical daily “meal plan” for me is 🙂

    oatmeal with almonds and then a banana!

    fruit and lots of it 🙂 A granola bar and on occasion a cheese stick (these make you fat so you have to limit!)

    homemade salad from home…romain lettuce, shrooms, cukes, carrots, onions and every once in awhile I throw in some chic peas, black olives, leftovers or whatever 😉

    yogurt and maybe handful of pretzels

    it varies as I’m sure it does for you but on a good week we usually eat pork chops, grilled chicken, chicken salad, steak and pork tenderloin. I ALWAYS cook a veggie (my hubby prefers brussel sprouts and my daughter prefers lima beans!) and then I cook red roasted potatoes or whole grain rice or another type of good carb!

    I drink about 75-100 ounces of water a day and on occasion I allow myself to have a cup of good old fashion lemonade in the evening. I only drink skim milk which is only with dinner and then I do allow myself a cup or two of caffeine in the morning…hey I have a 2 year old I NEED IT!

    I hope you all find the “right” plan for you 😉 Take care and enjoy your week!

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