The SECRET To Creating A Lean, Healthy Body

Do you know why most people fail at weight loss? Do you know the primary reason for fitness failure? The answers are simple, resistance training and confusion. People just don’t get it. It’s simply training your muscles against a resistance on a consistent basis.  The resistance can come from any modality.

  • Your body weight
  • Free weights
  • Medicine balls
  • Machines
  • Tubing
  • Etc.

The whole purpose of resistance training is to overload your muscles by forcing them to do more work than they are normally accustomed to.  Something most people don’t and won’t do on their own! You say you want RESULTS? Then take your body out of its comfort zone! This will cause your muscles to get stronger, leaner and more efficient.

Exercise your body as it was designed to move with basic compound movements. It will change the way your body looks, feels, and operates. I can guarantee it!


One thought on “The SECRET To Creating A Lean, Healthy Body

  1. Brittney Esser

    DID MINE THIS AM 🙂 6:15am under a blue sky and crisp clean air I was out jump roping, using resistance tubes and throwing in some jump squats, pushups and pullups!

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