Hey Ladies

Any comment or input about this weeks classes? Did you learn anything new?


10 thoughts on “Hey Ladies

  1. Faye Yates

    Great classes this week as usual!! I did learn that you can work your whole body using any one piece of exercise equipment, whether its a ball, bosu, weights, or even a medicine ball and it only took about 10 minutes 🙂

  2. Carole

    Thanks Faye. You did an awesome job creating a workout with just a med ball!! Since you are the only one that seems to be reading/responding to this blog, is there anything specific that you want to focus on this week?

  3. Brittney Esser

    PULLUPS (combined with rowing and many other exercises) kicked my butt in last week’s class! I could barely move Thursday/Friday! But it felt good 🙂 Had to do various stretches throughout the day!

  4. Faye Yates

    I feel great this am!! Was at the rec at 5:30 🙂 Loved the class last night, the 1 minute circuits are my favorites!!

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