Best Boomer Workout ~ Indoor Rowing!!

We’ve seen a lot of new faces and some major changes here at the studio the past few months. The positive energy in our classes is electrifying. Everyone is anxious to look for that next challenge and get the best workout possible. Classes are booming and everyone is kicking ass and taking names! Check out the split times below, they’re pretty impressive!!

Just a quick reminder that it’s important for all of you to understand the health and safety procedures associated with indoor rowing. Rowing is low impact, effective and a very safe form of exercise. Observe these simple safety procedures and you can enjoy an effective exercise plan with minimal risk.

• ALWAYS see your doctor before you start any new activity. Get a physical!

• ALWAYS warm up, cool down and stretch. No ANDS, IFS, OR BUTTS!

• HYDRATE! Don’t wait until you are thirsty. 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water!

• I’ve provided you with a log book. USE IT! This is where you will see your SUCCESS!!!

• When beginning an indoor rowing program, start SLOW. Work on technique before increasing intensity.

Indoor rowing is not about winning or losing. It’s about competition with yourself. It’s about showing up to do your very best, to give 100%, to have nothing left. It’s about supporting your crew members in that final 500m race, pulling for them when you have all but lost faith in yourself. Remember, if this wasn’t hard, everyone would be doing it. What we know and they don’t, it’s the hard that makes it GREAT!

It’s gonna’ be a RESULTS oriented month!



4 thoughts on “Best Boomer Workout ~ Indoor Rowing!!

  1. Brittney Esser

    I just got done telling my mom that rowing had made me feel much better and that I have seen a change in my body, upper and lower. I also mentioned that some days I try and GO HARD and those are the days I feel like I didn’t have an effective workout because I wasn’t practicing perfect form. Reason to my story…go at your own pace and push yourself. Focus on technique and form!

  2. Jaci Laney

    Rowing is awesome and I’ll tell you why..

    My alarm went off this morning and honestly… I thought my alarm was playing some sick joke on me- how dare that annoying sound wake me up on a Sunday morning? but then I opened my eyes and realized ahhh yes it is another Monday morning and I have to get my butt in the shower so that I can show up to work on time and provide our wonderful country some quality PB & Jelly… ooo the joys of life. So I literally had to drag myself into the shower and while I was in there I started to think about what I was going to wear today… oh yes professional Mondays so that means a skirt or a suit jacket… which should I choose? I went with the skirt by the way… a jacket wasn’t going to cut it. As I put on my makeup (less my tinted moisturizer because I ran out)- blew dry my hair (but pretty much only the top layer because who cares about the underneath?)- and got dressed I suddenly realized OH MONDAY MORNING that means I have to get out my adorable Annie bag- thank you sister- and get packed because I have rowing tonight- capris… socks… sports bra… t-shirt (yes dad I brought my own so I won’t be borrowing yours tonight)… and a long sleeve jacket for the drive home. No joke I suddenly felt energized. Just the thought of going to class made my morning better. I LOVE going to class singing with Abby and rowing with all of the awesome ladies there. I literally thrive on hearing Diane and Tanya cheer each other on and I look forward to the high fives as they achieve yet another goal every single week. Eunice is more focused than anyone else and always pushes us to take it one step further and Julie- well we laugh a lot just to burn those extra few calories! Michele and Faye… well to be perfectly honest they just kick my butt! It is amazing to me how much joy I get out of watching myself and everyone else change and become the person they want to be. So I say.. Monday morning BRING IT ON because I have ROWING TONIGHT!

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