Why Some Protein Powders Are Bad News

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I know some people think that protein is just protein. But that’s like saying there’s no difference between a Ford Pinto and a Rolls Royce. Quality is quality and junk is junk. No offense to Ford Pinto owners 😉

Yet another thing I love about my partners over at Prograde Nutrition is the fact they are more than willing to PROVE the quality you find in their products.

Here’s no holds barred PROOF that protein powder is NOT just protein powder.

Have you ever heard of Lactase? It’s a very unique ingredient used by Prograde in their protein powder. This quick Q and A on Lactase explains why it’s so important and why it makes such a difference in quality http://transform101.getprograde.com/protein-powder-and-lactase.html

Now, on to the serious news… You may have seen some reports about some name brand protein powders being tested for heavy metals a few months ago. Well, Prograde Protein passed all tests with flying colors. And not only that, they came right out and explained the test results and why there was such a big fuss.

I’m not kidding around; if you use protein powders at all you need to educate yourself on this: http://transform101.getprograde.com/metals-in-your-protein.html

Bottom line: when it comes to supplements, you get what you pay for. And that’s why I have partnered with Prograde Nutrition to bring you the best!

Create the best day ever!!


2 thoughts on “Why Some Protein Powders Are Bad News

  1. Joy Harbaugh

    Carole, how does protein shakes play into when you are trying to loose weight? Does it replace a meal during the day?

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