What’s Your Most Important Fitness Goal?

Maybe you want to get leaner, tone-up, lose weight, increase your strength, become more flexible, or just have more energy. Maybe you want to run your first 5K like this group of Boomers.

Or maybe you’ve been thinking about trying your first hardcore Mother/Daughter Bootcamp Class like Brittney and I did!

Regardless of what your exercise goal is, regardless of why you want to exercise, one thing is for sure: You need to learn the “secrets” of lasting weight loss and life long fitness! Don’t kid yourself. Even if you’re like the Energizer Bunny in every area of your life, you’re going to get bored with your exercise program at some point. It’s a fact. Accept it.

Maybe you’re already bored with your exercise routine like Jeff was. Jeff was an avid golfer that wanted to increase his flexibility for a stronger drive. I taught him a few simple tube exercises and he saw RESULTS immediately!

Maybe fitness was fun at first but now it’s getting harder and harder to make it through your workouts. The alarm goes off and you cringe at the thought of getting up to exercise. Don’t give up. Through this blog you’ll get the tools you need to maximize your attempt at fitness and succeed without wasting any more time. You can sit back, take a deep breath, relax, and know for certain that you WILL reach your fitness goals.

Trust me, you don’t need fad diets or the latest greatest “fat burner.” You just need to MOVE! You need guidance, support, motivation and accountability! This is a critical part of your wellness plan.

Get involved in this blog. We learn from each other!


3 thoughts on “What’s Your Most Important Fitness Goal?

  1. Julie Wheeler

    I know I need the accountability and motivation of being in a group and having someone I know will be disappointed if I don’t do at least some of the things that I know are good for me.

  2. Jaci Laney

    I have found that committing yourself to a goal is the best way to achieve results!

    Last year, after participating in the Susan G Komen 3-day, I committed myself to doing at least 1 ran/walk a year to raise money for a cure. I can’t save the world but if I can help to save at least 1 person in my lifetime it is all worth it.

    A lifetime goal like that one is what keeps me going and helps me to set yearly goals for myself…

    For example… my goal this year was to participate in my first 5K ever! and… I DID! I ran the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K in 33 min. A week later I participated in my 2nd 5K called the Apple Butter Run sponsored by Smuckers… and ran it in 31.43…. Within 7 days I achieved 2 goals… and it made me want more!

    Next I will be participating in a 4mile walk to help fight diabetes. This time I could use a little help! I am 45 dollars away from achieving my 100 dollar fundraising goal.. yes another goal I set for myself. So for those of you setting goals and getting fired up with you achieve them I could use your help! Click on the link below and donate to my next goal- even $5 will help! If we all work together to help each other achieve our goals in life it makes me more fun and it inspires others to do the same! The walk in the first weekend in October so if you are willing and able I would love for you to donate! Even better- join my team and walk with me! We can achieve our goals together =)


  3. Faye Yates

    I have found that you need to find a plan that you can live with, whatever you do has to be a lifestyle change that you can live with. That includes eating and exercising. It really helps out to have someone to work out with too, I always seem to work out harder when I’m with someone else (thanks Christy for meeting at the rec and to Carole for always being there 🙂 ) Mix up your workouts so you don’t get bored, challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone once in a while. I never thought I could run but after making a commitment to try, I ran my first 5K last year with a great group. I may never do another but I know now I can do it!!!

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