Healthy Halloween Options

In Ohio, 33.3% of kids are overweight or at risk for becoming overweight and this number is increasing every year.  As parents, we need to limit children’s consumption of candy year-round so now is a good time to discuss the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle and the ramifications of an unhealthy one.

Here’s some Healthy Halloween options – you may not be the favorite candy house on the block but at least you’ll feel good about the fact that you’re not sending the neighbor kids into sugar oblivion.

  • Packages of trail mix
  • Cereal or energy bars
  • Small boxes of raisins or dried fruit
  • Halloween pencils or pens
  • Spooky stickers, tattoos, or spider rings
  • Coins

Enjoy a Healthy Halloween!!


3 thoughts on “Healthy Halloween Options

  1. Faye

    I’ve given out orange/black toothbrushes at Halloween some years back and the kids loved them, the next year they remembered and asked for them again!! (didn’t have any that year 😦

  2. Brittney

    Poor Peyton…she will never have a chance!!!

    I remember when we were kids and went Trick Or Treating…our candy lasted till the next Halloween!!! That tells you how much candy Momma let us have LOL!

    Faye, love that idea!

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