Want To Lose 5lbs. FAST?

Are you still struggling to lose those last few pounds? Then take a look at what you’re eating!! 

Weekend mornings are always fun for me. I get to spend time with my husband talking, laughing and prepping for the upcoming week. Sundays are the only days that we get to cook breakfast together so this morning while nibbling on grapes and strawberries, we decided to make up our own ‘egg pizza’ recipe. It was so easy and so good!

We cut up some red and yellow peppers, pressed garlic, onions, 4 slices of turkey bacon and spinach. We mixed up 3 eggs w/ yolks and 3 egg whites together with a splash of skim milk.

While the turkey bacon cooked we sauteed all the veggies and started cooking the eggs in a separate pan. Once the eggs were cooked thru we topped it with the veggie/turkey bacon.

While Don played chef (he’s a great cook!) I worked on washing the rest of the fruit and veggies and started preparing our food for the next couple days.

It’s always worked best for us if we bag our serving sizes accordingly, keeps us focused on eating every 3-4 hrs. and its so much easier for Don when he’s running out the door every morning 🙂


After everything was cooked, we let the ‘egg pizza’ sit for approximately 3 minutes on low heat. Then we enjoyed this great tasting, low fat breakfast! Try it, you’ll love it!

I’ll let you know what we decide to have for dinner!