Do you suffer from back pain?

I’m so excited!!!! After 22 years, I’ve finally found the answer for those that are suffering from back, hip or butt pain. And the best part, the release is immediate!!! Instant relief!!

Call me and schedule your 20 minute session. You’ll be glad you did! 330.948.FITT (3488)


3 thoughts on “Do you suffer from back pain?

  1. Brittney Esser

    How many times a week can you have this done? I gotta tell you, if I could have it done daily, I would! The relief I felt was amazing! BEST part was being able to get out of bed without cracking or being stiff!

  2. Carole

    Daily release would be ideal especially if you’re back hurts all the time. I can teach you a self release but it’s much more effective if someone assists. As you know, when you release the psoas it can be quite painful but the instant relief you get is so rewarding!

    I’ve found that a tight psoas is a common denominator in both male and female with daily back, hip and glute pain. I wanted to implement a variety of stretches and releases specific to my clients so I researched and tried various techniques for releasing the psoas and I’ve found the most passive, most effective way to do this. Does it hurt? Yes! Is it tolerable? Yes! Does it work? ABSOLUTELY!

    I’ll show you tomorrow when the Laney’s “school” the Essers at Family Game Night 🙂

    • Jaci

      Mom- the Laney’s did SCHOOL the Esser’s in family game night. Although Pey was collecting those green cards!

      I could use a good thump/stretch tonight!

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