Here’s why our Indoor Rowing classes are so awesome!!

This past week in rowing class we had a 25 year old pregnant gal, an active female who recently had a knee replaced, and various sizes of women ranging from 25-65 years old. We all did the same workout, did it together, and we all had a ton of fun. 

Indoor Rowing brings together communities of athletes in a way that you cannot do with other sports. In this mixed group of rowers spanning more than 40 years of age, we all get a good workout, suited for our ability. We are able to push hard, compete against ourselves, and measure ourselves against the group as well. There aren’t too many workouts where you can train alongside a fit 30 year old, and although she will certainly cover more distance than we might, we can all hit ‘go’ and ‘stop’ at the same moment, get our heart rates up to a fat burning range, and effectively do the same workout, side-by-side. 

Have you tried group training yet? Maybe you should! It’s important to train in a group. You learn by watching others, competing with others, even by seeing others get coaching. You get motivation from the group. The group makes it more fun. You have partners in fitness, the camaraderie from working towards a goal with a team, not alone. 

Indoor Rowing forces you to compete with YOURSELF, the way a true competitor should. If you haven’t tried an indoor rowing class yet, call me, you’ll absolutely love it! 330.948.FITT


One thought on “Here’s why our Indoor Rowing classes are so awesome!!

  1. faye

    This is all so true. The majority of us know what we need to do on our own, but the support and encouragement you get in a group is PRICELESS 🙂

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