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Do You Know What The #1 Excuse For Not Exercising Is?


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  1. Carole

    #1 Excuse For Not Exercising: “I DON’T HAVE TIME!”

    I hear it everyday, especially this time of year and nothing frustrates me more when people can’t make time for 2 hours of exercise a week. Here’s why: We all have 168 hours in a week, right? If we have 168 hours every week to accomplish all we need to do and we still don’t have time for exercise, then we are grossly misusing our time and in the long run we’ll never reach our goals. I’m going to break down an average week and show you a simple technique to avoid the TIME excuse.

    168 Hours in a Week:
    49 hours of sleeping (7 hours every night)
    45 hours of working (9 hour days)
    7.5 hours for commuting
    7 hours of meal prep
    3 hours for grocery shopping
    14 hours for family time
    7 hours for TV or entertainment
    7 hours to get ready for your day
    5 hours cleaning, laundry, chores etc.
    7 hours of social networking – blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.
    4 hours to see friends each week (not including family time)

    Total Hours = 155.5 hours
    Remaining Hours = 12.5 of nothing hours

    Try taking 3 of those hours and turn them into fitness hours by walking, running or joining us in our upcoming JANUARY JUMPSTART program. It’s FREE and it’s a great way to start 2011!

    DECIDE YOU ARE WORTH IT! And please forward this to 5 friends who are worth it too!

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