The Best Fat-Blasting Form Of Exercise!

Statistics show those that row 3-5 days per week had the fastest fat loss, most muscle gain and longest lasting results. Why would anyone waste their time doing anything else?!

Row hard, row strong!


2 thoughts on “The Best Fat-Blasting Form Of Exercise!

  1. Brittney Esser

    I have to admit that rowing has helped me ALOT!!! I love my weights but adding rowing has been extremely beneficial!!! My brand new size 0 pants are falling off!!!

    And I have to add that last week I woke up with a horrible head cold that I just can’t shake! And as most of you all know, the mornings seem to be the worst! BUT being disciplined like I am…I still have been getting up and working out. The first 5 minutes are so hard and I cant breathe and I want to quit but I can hear Carole’s voice in the back of my head so I push on!!! And you know what??? After I complete my workout, I feel better. So today’s lesson…GET YOUR WORKOUT IN no matter what you feel like!

  2. Christy

    Once I bumped up my rowing to 3 days I noticed a huge difference! My percentage of fat dropped significantly. Enjoy the day!

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