Can You Believe It?!

This March will be our first year anniversary of Rowing Classes and all I can say is, WOW, you ALL are truly AMAZING!!

As I began thinking of a way to say THANK YOU, I’m reminded of all the awesome memories that this past year has brought. Just 3 years ago we implemented CrossFit and 10 months ago we embarked on a whole new adventure adding C2 rowers to the intensity of our classes where all of you could come and get a safe, fun, effective workout, lose some weight, live a healthier lifestyle, and perhaps meet some new friends in the process.

In the span of just one year, our studio has gained many new friends, some of whom I would consider my closest. I’ve had tons of ‘goose bump’ moments because of the accomplishments that have been achieved, and the physical and mental athletic barriers that have been broken. The smiles on your faces as you finish a workout proudly, jump the ‘box’ for the 1st time, or confirm a friendship on facebook that you ordinarily would not have formed has brought me close to happy tears more times this year than in my entire career.

I cannot believe how rowing has been brought to life by all our amazing athletes. You all are my family now. I look forward to coaching the classes daily. I love talking to you after class as we discuss your individual goals, fitness related or life. I enjoy the discussions we have after rough workouts detailing how intense it was, but how excited we are that we hit our splits, or did the workout prescribed, or finally, FINALLY completed all those pullups and burpees! No small feat goes unnoticed by me or by your fellow teammates. We support each other every step of the way. Congrats to all of you on your SUCCESS, I am so PROUD!


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