Focus On Perfecting Your Form!

Did you make a New Year resolution for 2011? If so, how’s it going? Are you achieving your short-term goals that you set for January? You’d be surprised at how many people begin a fitness plan and stop within a day or two. You stayed consistent and look at what you’ve accomplished! Kudos to you!!

With all the new exercises that we are incorporating, the February classes are where you’ll REALLY begin to see some noticeable changes. Longer, leaner muscles and a stronger, tighter, sexier body. It’s imperative that you “fuel” correctly over the month and work on perfecting your form. Video is a great tool for doing just that!

Focus on the drive from the legs in the catch position with a strong finish and smooth recovery (2-4 count) Try sitting taller and keeping the legs straight for as long as you can. Hinge forward at the hips not the waist. Let the legs and back work together. Roll the body open as the legs drive down, keeping the head and shoulders on the same plane throughout the stroke.

We’re looking for a continuous cycle – no beginning, no end, just smooth, seamless rowing. Your core strength will improve and your back will thank you!

And when you get a chance, take 2 minutes to watch this video before you come to your next class! Remember, if this wasn’t hard, everyone would be doing it. What we know and they don’t, it’s the hard that makes it GREAT!


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