I wish I would have challenged it 23 years ago when I first got into fitness but the machines back in those days always looked kind of scary. Wouldn’t you agree? lol

But 3 years ago I decided that I needed a new challenge. One that was safe, low impact, fun, and would get me long-lasting results. That’s when I found CrossFit and bought my first Concept2 rower.

Some rowing days are harder than others, like last nights class for example. We had 14 committed women rock out a totally ‘out of comfort zone’ row covering between 2000-4000 meters at moderate to high intensity. All this in a short amount of time with 100% effort! WOW!!! I can promise you this, if you do this 1 more time this week and remember that 80% of this adventure is in your diet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you see next week 😉

And that means eliminating or reducing your sugar intake! I’ve got 3 of you committing to no sugar this week. Learn from the Zone; it’s a ton of food and an easy way to fuel properly for drastic results!

For those of you reading this that are not current clients, Let me say that our fitness plan isn’t for the ‘real world’ at all. It’s for the world that YOU want to build for yourself. But you can only get there with hard work. Let me repeat that. HARD WORK!

I’m not about to promise you the “eat all you want when you want and still drop a pant size in 3 days program.” The only results you’ll get from my classes are the ones you get from hard work and discipline. Results are not guaranteed, they are earned!


3 thoughts on “I Love ROWING!!

  1. Renee Terhorst

    Day No. 2 on the Zone Diet. Doing much better than yesterday. Making myself drink more water today. Anxious for Thursday to weigh in and do the body fat testing. See you then!

  2. Carole

    Stay focused Renee ~ just take 1 day at a time and make short-term goals for yourself. I know that you can do this!

    And Britt, it was so much fun having you and Peyton in class with us. Let her jump, play, count, throw the balls, etc. Make fitness fun and she’ll want to do it for the rest of her life!

    We have some tough classes planned for February. Be sure to fuel, hydrate & stretch ~ you’ll be glad you did!

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