Congrats To Everyone!!

It’s been an awesome week here at the studio. The energy in class is electrifying and the motivation extremely contagious! Kudos to Diane and Christy! They’ve been tearing up their ergs with split times in the low 1:40’s. WOW ~ now that’s IMPRESSIVE!!

And don’t forget that nutrition is 80% of your SUCCESS. Try to eat 5 small meals/snacks everyday instead of 2-3 big ones.  Take time for a healthy breakfast, a mid-morning snack like an apple and walnuts, a nutritious lunch like a soup and sandwich, a mid-afternoon snack like a cup of yogurt with almonds and a low-fat dinner like a chicken and vegetable stir-fry.

My goal is to provide you with the tools and the resources you need to make sure you’re doing this the right way and also to inspire you to keep moving.  By consistently taking action you will achieve incredible results and get into amazing shape! I GUARANTEE it!

Knowledge + Action = Results!



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  1. Brittney

    I gotta say that this Achievement board is awesome! I think it helps us ladies to strive harder for excellence 🙂

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