Oh the joys of parenting, grandparenting and creating memories :)

I remember it like it was yesterday…. 26 years ago when I took my “little Brittney”  to her first day of preschool, I remember walking her into the classroom to meet her new teacher and wondering;

Will this woman take care of my precious baby as I do? Will she give her the attention that she needs? Will the other kids like her? Will she want to go back or will this be a battle every time I drop her off?

I recall walking back to my car with tear-filled eyes, sitting in the parking lot bawling and praying, Dear God I hope I made the right decision.

All of these memories came flooding back like a tidal wave this morning as I walked my “little Peyton” into her new preschool.

Last week I had asked Brittney if she minded me putting Pey in school one morning a week. After seeing the fantastic job that Britt was doing parenting her, teaching her the ABC’s, having her count to 20, listening to her telling me all her shapes and colors, I felt that there were two missing pieces to this puzzle… interaction with kids her own age and scripture.

So I offered to send Pey to school and Britt agreed. We decided that we would put her in a Christian school (because we gave our daughters that up-bringing) a preschool that was close to my home and one that had music, art, bible study and reading. Britt suggested that we give it a month to see how she does.

I never realized the emotions that I experienced 26 years ago would all come flooding back. But this morning it was VERY different.

As I held Peyton’s tiny hand in mine, we walked into my youngest daughter Jaci’s first school, Lafayette Elementary, which has since been converted into a Christian preschool, tears welled in my eyes as I introduced Peyton to her teacher, Ms Devon; I nervously placed Pey’s hand in hers and wondered;

Will the teacher send her home early? How many kids will she choke because they took her books? Will she bite the little boy who looks at her cross-eyed? Will she tell the teacher, like she tells her Poppa when he tells her NO, “You don’t treat people like that!” Will they even let her come back?

Within minutes the children were running up to Pey, introducing themselves, showing her stickers that they had just gotten, each of them coaxing her to pick the chair beside them in preparation for craft class. When Peyton smiled at me with that devilish look in her eye and said, “Bye Nay Nay, I love you!”  I knew everything was going to be alright. Well, at least I’m hoping, because the school hasn’t called me to come and pick my “little monster”  back up yet!!

I can’t wait to hear “chatty Patty” tell me all about her day!!


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