How Fit Are You?

We will be testing all of you on the BASICS the month of April and moving those that pass onto the next level. It is imperative that you hydrate and focus on good fuel! This is what your Baseline Test will consist of:

Qualifying Time: 6:30

  1. Row 500 meters
  2. Air Squat x 40 (butt MUST touch med ball)
  3. Sit-up x 30
  4. Push-up x 20 (on knees)
  5. Pull-up x 10 (use BOSU)

Once you pass the Baseline Test with a qualifying time, you may attempt to pass the Level 1 Test. The Level 1 Test consists of 11 parts. Each athlete must attempt 10 and pass at least 7 parts to pass their Level 1 Test and receive a “studio wrist band.” You will find out what the Level 1 Test consists of at your next class.

So let’s do this right now. Okay?

Start by sitting tall, feet flat on floor and shrug your shoulders 10x forward/ backward. Go ahead, do it. I’ll wait. Now stand up, wide stance, long trunk and hover’ over your chair for 5 seconds, like hovering over a public toilet seat. Stay there a few seconds and check your posture, check your knees, look up at your computer!!! Squat 15x like that, just 15x, hovering 5 sec and slow deep breathing. Your co-workers are watching you, I know 🙂 Now go up against your desk in a perfect plank/push-up position. Chest between your hands, head in front of fingertips. You know the drill! Are you doing this? I promise it will benefit you!!

Let’s bang out 15 push-ups. Inhale down, exhale up. Do it slow and controlled. Count it… down 2, 3, 4, up 1, 2. Keep checking to make sure your hands are at ‘nipple line’, head in front of your hands. Shoulders down away from the ears. neck aligned w/ spine maintaining a solid core. The whole body goes down in unison.

Feels kinda good, doesn’t it?

Now we’ll sit back down, shrug again, 10x forward, 10x backward. Give yourself a big hug, stretching through your upper back, all the way down the arms. Slowly drop your chin down to your chest and enjoy the release through the back of your neck. Take at least 60 seconds to do this.

That was fun and now you’re done!!

Enjoy your day, you deserve it!!