I Love My Job!!!

It’s the best career ever and it doesn’t get any better than eight fun-filled days in the beautiful Riviera Maya. Celebrating 29 years of marriage and 8 years teaching internationally, Don and I decided that we would teach yoga and bask in the sun at Secrets Silversands.   Yoga was scheduled Monday – Saturday, 9-10AM.

Secrets Silversands

Most classes had 5-15 per class with a few newbies and couple male “virgins” to yoga. Thanks guys for letting me be your first 😉 we had a ton of fun!

On our 3rd night we ended up eating at the El Patio. An early dinner  (6:30) with only a handful of others eating so we got the best seat in the house. Yes, this is a pic of me getting the entertainment pumped up for the night! I just couldn’t resist 😉

We ended up upgrading our room to preferred club so life got a whole lot better from there! Poolside, ocean view  and a waitress named Esther 😉

Esther would bring Don his morning “drink of the day” and get his opinion so he could put his creative little “twist” on it 😉 She spoke very little English and some mornings she didn’t quite understand him, she’d just giggle and laugh and bring him something stronger. lol. It was a great way to start the day!

We’ll definitely go back to Silversands in the future. The staff was amazing and the facility was clean, but it looks like we may be spending our 30th wedding anniversary attending our daughters wedding in the Dominican Republic. You’ll have to check back because that adventure is sure to be hilarious and entertaining 😉 Oh and I put together a fun slideshow of the resort and my morning yoga class. I’ll get it uploaded sometime this weekend for your viewing pleasure. Keep Smiling!


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