We Are Now A CrossFit Affiliate!

I can’t believe how quickly summer is flying by! Soon the kids will be back in school, the Fall colors will be out, then old man winter will be blasting us here in Ohio. And before we know it, a busy, productive new year will be generating a ton of excitement!

So I’m so excited to announce that after 4 years of teaching the CrossFit method that we have finally decided to affiliate with CrossFit Inc. and as of today, we are now officially Medina’s CrossFit Commotion.

Guess it’s time to kick it up a notch guys! Join us and get motivated with some upcoming challenges, like our current Meter Beater Challenge, generating a ton of sweat plus fun & interesting prizes.

I welcome all of your ideas about how we can better your fitness experience and we sure could use your suggestions on a logo, tagline and what you want available on the CrossFit Commotion website.

Create the best day ever!


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