I Love Sundays!

Sunday mornings are the best! The only day of the week that Don & I get to spend time together making breakfast and chatting about the upcoming week. This week Don decided to get a jump-start on breakfast and before I knew it he had whipped up his own concoction of left-over chicken, eggs, veggies and spices. It was absolutely DELICIOUS & a great way to start the day!

We always spend Sunday mornings dusting, sweeping, singing to 98.5, laughing and completing at least 1 major chore on the house. Today we decided to revamp my office & ‘redecorate’ the living room. We did this by moving furniture, switching pics around and just giving both rooms a thorough cleaning.

There’s just something about the living room that we are never happy with so we have come to the conclusion that when Don designed our home that he should have squared the room instead of making it so rectangular. He just keeps saying that 1 day he’s going to knock out the kitchen wall & open it all up. It won’t surprise me when I find him up bright and early taking a sledgehammer to that wall but until then we’re still switching things around thinking that some day we’ll find the ideal layout.

After a full morning of chores, Don & I are hungry again! As I mentioned in my earlier post, we LOVE to eat so while we worked on the food plan for the upcoming week we enjoyed a quick-lunch of spinach w/ organic sunflower seeds, organic red quinoa and organic goji berries.

Still hungry, we added a side dish of some spicy guacamole with crackers, carrots and walnuts. A low-calorie, vitamin packed quickie!

Another productive Sunday & it looks like I wore Don out moving all that furniture. I’m thinking that this is the perfect time to read my new Paleo cookbook and prepare a scrumptious dinner while Don catches a few zzzz’s 🙂

Our baby back rib dinner with a side of asparagus was just what we needed as we sat on the back deck and enjoyed a beautiful double rainbow.

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What a great way to end the day!  So tell me, what did you accomplish today?


5 thoughts on “I Love Sundays!

  1. Kim Hallock

    Awesome post, Carole!! I always enjoy reading them. The girls and I spent the weekend at Salt Fork with my family. Yesterday they did tubing from my brother’s fishing boat…and later in the day I even got to spend some time by myself while the girls did some fishing with their cousins. I decided to rent a jet ski for an hour…had never done that before and LOVED it!! Loved “cranking it up” to fly across the water! LOL! 🙂 Got back late this afternoon just in time to enjoy a picnic with my “Garfield Elementary Family”…and the girls were excited to do some more swimming!

  2. Carole

    Sounds like a BLAST Kim!! Jet skiing and throwing that ski around is a great stress reliever + a fun leg/core workout!! Glad you had an exciting day ~ you & the girls needed that 🙂

  3. Jaci

    I had a busy day but the highlight was spending a few hours with those adorable newborn twins! Those boys are gonna have a lot of people tied around their little fingers.. I am already one of them! Babies are such a treat!

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