What A Beautiful Day!

I just love waking up at 4AM, grabbing a hot cup of cuban coffee (thank you Jaci) and heading out to our back deck to check out the morning moon and stars. Ever since Don built me this amazing deck, it’s been a daily habit of mine to get up & get outside for my early morning prayer and meditation before clients start coming for their scheduled sessions.

When we moved here 20 years ago, I would always comment to Don that we lived so far away from town (15 minutes) ~ what about the girls, they won’t have any friends to play with, heck, what about trick or treat, lol, no neighbors to visit. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea? But now, I thank God everyday that we made this decision. It’s so beautiful, peaceful and definitely the best way to start every day!

I always try to get some fuel in me within an hour of waking up so this morning I decided on a medley of veggie & beef leftovers for breakfast.

Fired up and excited to change someone’s life today and bouncing off the walls after enjoying my 2nd cup of this amazing “high-octane” coffee, it’s time to design todays game plan for my clients. Three of my “older” privates coming in this morning, each with different needs, wants and abilities. A busy hour of planning, preparing and choosing the ideal circuit for each and we’re good to go!

On the agenda: A circuit of rowing, reformer, thrusters, kettelbells and 2 sets of 15 consecutive underhand pull-ups for this 70-year old, which she banged out with no problem!

So tell me, what’s on your fitness agenda today?


3 thoughts on “What A Beautiful Day!

  1. Faye Yates

    whatever you throw at us tonight!!! Can’t wait, hope we get to use the reformer again, love that machine 🙂

  2. Jaci

    I’m jealous I wasn’t in class! But Tim and I did our 2.5 miles yesterday morning! was SORE from class on Monday though! no doubt about that

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