Biker Babe’s

Last night when my client Joy showed up for the 6PM CrossFit class I noticed that she was rockin’ a bandana and lookin’ smokin’ hot. Joy doesn’t normally wear a bandana to class so I knew that something was definitely up. Yep, just as I suspected, she had ridden her Fat Boy Harley to class! I was stoked cuz I’ve only seen pics and was super excited to check it out after class.

Joy and her sweet ride!

After class I noticed that Don was outside checking it out and it didn’t surprise me when we found him admiring and drooling. It’s a good thing that Joy didn’t leave the keys in it or he may have been tempted to take it for a ride! After the group left for the night we decided to take a little hike over to Geno’s Biker Bar. A 500’ walk down the road to enjoy a home cooked meal by owner Laurie Stoyko.

GENO'S Biker Bar

Laurie & Geno have owned the bar for 13+ years and have done a great job with it and although we live just 500’ from it, we only visit 2-3 times a year. She makes the best liver and onions and is always entertaining us with neighborhood updates. I just learned that the house catty corner to me is infested with snakes and the old farmhouse 2 acres over is in foreclosure & infested with mice. Knocking on wood right now but in the past 20 years we have never seen snakes or mice at our house, A coyote, herring, deer and skunk, yes. Snakes and mice, no. Don said probably because I’m so anal about cleaning that there is nothing here for them and they’re all happy at their current residence. That’s fine by me because I hate mice and snakes freak me out!

Anyway the food menu at Geno’s has a variety of choices, reasonable prices and the portions sizes are huge!

GENO'S Food Menu

After dinner Laurie invited me into the men’s bathroom. She wanted to show me every man’s dream of the perfect woman, a woman with no head just a body. ?? ooookay, I’m not real sure why a man would think the perfect woman shouldn’t have a head but whatever!

Mural in Men's Room

Laurie then proceeded to show me the handlebars that they had installed so the men had something to hold onto while urinating.

Men's Urinal

Needless to say it was a very entertaining night. Always something different to look at

GENO's Home of the RffRaff

and always a pleasure chatting with the owners. So if you’re looking for a great home cooked meal, sprinkled with a lot of laughter, check out Geno’s and tell Laurie that her neighbor Carole sent you!

Geno’s – 7091 Lafayette Rd, Medina. 330.948.3951


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  1. Jaci

    They do have some delicious food!! I haven’t been there in a while- I think a father, mother, daughter date is long over due!

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