Raven’s Glenn Winery and The Unusual Junction

Did you know that all of the wineries in the Coshocton area are closed on Sunday? All of them but Raven’s Glenn. They were open 11-4 so Don & I headed that direction after lunch excited to do some wine tasting 🙂

My kind of place!

When we arrived the tasting counter was full of people so we spent some time checking out some of the cool & unusual things in the gift shop.

A lot of cool things to look at

Excited to try all of the different wines and noticing that the counter was still CROWDED I started to whine a bit so Don yelled for me to come over, told me to behave myself and pointed to this

We laughed at all the different tee shirts that they stocked

Then he noticed that the taste testing counter was empty! WooHoo ~ now I was really pumped!

Taste Testing Counter

For $2 you could pick a category and try all the wines in that list. Don started with the semi-sweet wines ranging in price from $10-14 per bottle. I went right to the high dollar wines starting with the $33 wine and ending with the $18 bottles. I was hell bent on getting my $2 worth!! haha. A few more people came up to the counter and started tasting & commenting on the variety of wines. A fun time filled with lots of laughter and group therapy! lol

By the 5th glass everyone was laughing & getting louder!

8 glasses (well more like swallows) later, we decided on purchasing 4 bottles of the semi-sweet (yes, I was helping taste test Don’s too) and 2 bottles of the Vitner’s Reserve wine (grapes grown on site) They gave us the carry bag and even let us keep the glasses!

6 bottles later ~ lol

On the way out I saw this and thought of my youngest daughter Jaci. She just LOVES wine and she LOVES shoes. Made me laugh cuz it fit her personality to a tee!

Perfect for Jaci!

As we stepped out onto the porch all that wine just sorta “hit me” and I noticed a row of rocking chairs close by. I told Don that maybe I needed to sit for a bit. He just shook his head, called me a lightweight and took a seat. I reminded him that we were in this situation cuz he kept telling me how good his semi-sweets were and made me try them. Next time I’m sure he won’t do that!

Once my eyes focused I noticed that directly across the street were some fun and unusual shops. Next stop, the Unusual Junction!

The Unusual Junction

With some odd-looking signs and unusual set-ups! hahaha

This just isn't right!

And what is up with this?

So many weird signs in this neck of the woods!

And as soon as we entered the store we saw this sign

Too funny

The place was a money pit with tons of tourists stopping to buy strange trinkets complete with a diner.

Restaurant and trinkets to buy

We decided to see if we could get into the trains. All the doors were locked but that didn’t stop Don from trying them all! LOL

Don tried to get us in but all the trains were locked

Had enough of this Unusual Junction but couldn’t leave without getting a pic of Don sticking his head through this! hahaha

Don just cracks me up!

We then headed off to go “glamping” ~ that’s glamorous camping for those not familiar with the term. I don’t do tents or campers however I will do a fully furnished cabin.

So we headed off to find our “home in the woods” in Fresno OH

Long gravel road to the "home in the woods"

10 minutes later we found the driveway and the sign

Yay we're here!!!

And then saw this!

Our home for the night

But there’s way too many pictures and stories to tell so you’ll have to check back tomorrow. Time for me to get ready for my 6PM CrossFit class!

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