Itta Bena Cabin

A couple months ago I received an email from an old client about a new business that she had recently started. You can check it out here:

The owners, Nancy & Jerry Dillon, sold their home here in Medina to start their new life in Fresno, OH. They built a beautiful home with a fully furnished cabin attached and welcomed all to enjoy their “home in the woods.” We couldn’t resist!

"Home in the woods"

When I called to reserve the cabin Nancy mentioned that she & Jerry would be out of town for the week. She was running another marathon trying to accomplish her goal of 1 marathon in each state. This was her 43rd state with only 7 more states to go and she accomplished it in 4 hours 55 minutes! I have so much respect for you Nancy ~ you truly are an inspiration to all!

So we were bummed that Nancy & Jerry wouldn’t be there but excited that their son, Chad, & his girlfriend, Katie, would be there to assist with anything that we needed. Once we arrived, just as Nancy had promised, our “mountain guides” were there to greet us.

Our Mountain Guides ~ Chad & Katie

They showed us to our home for the night and helped us get settled in.

Our home for the night!

Everything we needed was there. An awesome bathroom complete with a POWERFUL shower head (I hate it when you have to run around to get wet) a hairdryer (well, Don didn’t need it but I did) and shower stuff. We enjoyed a fully equipped kitchen including coffee which I really appreciated!! Thank you for that Nancy ๐Ÿ™‚

The kitchen had everything we needed

The living room was cozy and included direct tv, a dvd player and a vcr with a variety of family movies to choose from. We even had wireless internet ๐Ÿ™‚

Cabin slept 6-8 people with a cozy living room

After we were settled, Chad offered to take us for a ride around the property in the family ‘gator.’ A little bumpy for drinking wine with some hills where Chad would instruct us all to lean to left so we wouldn’t tip over. lol. So much fun that we decided to go back out at dusk to look for more wildlife. Thanks Chad for the tour! It was very informative learning about baling hay & why the bucks necks swell during mating season. lol

Cabin owner, Jerry is now a taxidermist. Business owner in his other life, he chose to leave corporate and nestle himself & Nancy on this beautiful piece of property. The big game hunter that he is, he opened his taxidermy business right out his back steps, Lasting Adventures Taxidermy.

Lasting Adventures Taxidermy

Now I’ve never been in a taxidermy shop so Chad gave us the low down on how the process works. There is so much involved and it was really cool to see how they do this.

Chad taught us all about the taxidermy business

Animals hanging everywhere!

Jerry's shop is awesome!

This was pretty cool

How would you like to see this in the woods!

Amazes me what theyย do with these once they kill them

Then Chad took us in the main house for a tour of his Dad’s trophies.

Wait til you see what was in this room!

This room was unbelievable!

Don couldn't believe all the different species


So much to look at

And my favorite one of all!! I forgot what it is so Jerry if you are reading this, comment below and let us know all about this big guy! I just love the face on him ๐Ÿ™‚

Just look at that face!

Don really liked this guy but I know for a fact that my little grandbaby Peyton would be freaked out by him. She freaks every time I take her to White Feather Meats and she sees the buffalo hanging on the wall. lol

This would make a cool floor rug!

Once it got dark, Chad & Katie started a fire for us. They had never had the opportunity to enjoy smore’s with reese cups so Don & I showed them how it’s done. Even though it started raining we sat under the shelter and enjoyed hearing how the kids met, where they work, & where their lives were going. Tired of all the fun and excited for our massages in the morning, we tucked ourselves in for the night.

A sign in the master bedroom reads ‘Relax, you’re at the cabin now” ~ I read it to Don right before we jumped in bed and we ended up sleeping til 8AM the next morning ๐Ÿ™‚ unheard of for me since I usually get up every morning at 4:30AM.

Rise & shine, it’s time for a morning massage! Attached to the cabin, separating the cabin from the main house is Nancy’s massage room. She is a licensed massage therapist and so is her good friend Beth.

Massage available for $25 hour

Since Nancy was gone for the week, we hired Beth to come in and give us both a massage. She was just what we needed and Don was in heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

Don was lovin' it!

There is so much to do and see in the area that if you are looking for a place to stay that has it all, is close to Roscoe Village and all the area wineries, give Nancy a call at 740.622.2389 or visit her website at

And if you want the best taxidermist in the Coshocton area, call Jerry at 330.608.7881 or visit his website at

You’ll be glad you did!!!

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  1. nancy dillon

    thanks for the nice blog, carole, so glad you had a good time…
    so sorry i was not here to see you.
    the animal with the pretty face is a gemsbuck. it was awesome to run in south africa and have herds of them run alongside and cross the road in front of me. that does not happen here in fresno!
    glad you rested well and you are welcome any time.


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