Ohio Warrior Dash

I knew from the moment that I woke up that this was going to be the craziest frickin’ day of my life! My client and friend, Angie, asked me earlier this summer if I wanted to do the Ohio Warrior Dash and I said, sure what the hell. I had heard about this event but had no idea what to expect so with my game face on we headed out for some crazy fun.

Don did an awesome job painting my face for the Dash

Our 1 1/2 hr trip turned into almost 3 hrs. We were late due to traffic so we missed our 11:30 start time but quickly prepared and jumped into the 12:00 heat, pumped up and ready to smash the dash!

3, 2, 1 GO!!!!
Ready to Smash the Dash!

Over 10,000 crazy Warriors with Angie and I right in the middle of it all.

Getting ready to start the race

We met some fun & different people

I have no idea who these people are! hahaha

And started along the muddy path

Over the fields and thru the woods

We even met Elvis along the way with a whole lotta shakin’ going on!

Look Elvis is here!

Our 1st obstacle was the Deadweight Drifter. I thought for sure I would drown but Angie assured me that she used to be a lifeguard and would save my ass if neccesary. Thanks for covering my back Ang ๐Ÿ™‚

Let's get WET!
Rockin' the Deadweight Drifter

Angie went through the tires and dumpsters like it was nothing!

Junkyard Jam
YaHoo ~ Dumpster Diving

And I just loved the walls and barbwire ~ this one was my favorite. I flew through it in record time! See the guy in the pic? He cheated and went under and not through the barb wire part! LOL

Wall Climb
I SMOKED this obstacle!

Warriors were everywhere. Some were puking while others were being taken away on 4 wheelers.

Warriors were EVERYWHERE!

I think that on a scale of 1-10 the obstacles were a 2-3. It wasn’t difficult but was a ton of fun! The cargo net was easy and I was hoping to have a few more like this since I had done these in the past.

LOVE the cargo net!
You Go Angie!

I thought that this obstacle was kind of lame and was thankful that I wasn’t running through this with a bunch of other people. I had read that some people had their teeth knocked out from the tires hitting them in the face. Angie & I both had our teeth intact so we were good to go ๐Ÿ™‚

Running through the rubber!

Since we were taking our good ole time, laughing at all the other people and taking a ton of pictures, we were near the end of the heat. Most of the obstacles only had a few people going through them so it wasn’t real crazy on some of the obstacles we climbed.

Walking the plank

Angie kicked ass on the horizontal cargo net and knew that after everything she had accomplished that she was on her way to becoming a WARRIOR!

Get it Ang
Warrior Angie!

The skies started getting blacker and we knew that we were almost done so we kicked it up a notch excited to get to the fire and the MUD! ย This is what the Warrior Dash was all about. The grand finale of taking a mud bath!

Fire Ahead! lol
Fire Jump!

And the mud bath!

Check out the army guy in full gear!
Mud and more mud!

More craziness!

Spectators all lined up watching and cheering

And then I saw Don standing there cheering me on ๐Ÿ™‚ I did it. I wasย a WARRIOR! lol

Yay!! I did it!

Angie and I had a ton of fun, we were covered in MUD and ready for a beer and a bath!

A muddy mess!
Finish Line

Our shoes were trashed even after we washed them.

Trashin' these tennies!

But they had a place to donate shoes

Trash Your Tennies

Then enjoy beer and the bands. Looked like a Woodstock concert! lol


At the end they gave us our medals of honor

Our medals of honor!
Ready for round 2

We ended with a bang down at the Warrior Wash ~ a community bath. How fun!

Warrior Wash

Grabbed a beer for the pic then fed them to Don for chauffeuring our butts to this adventure!

craziest frickin' day of our life!

Hungry, wet and tired but excited to do it all over again next year. Who’s going with me?

I've had enough for 1 day!

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  1. Christine Wierzbowski

    Knew you two wouldn’t have a problem with this! Not after what Carole puts us through in class! I am so in for next year. I think Kari will be too

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