The joys of being mother of the bride ❢

Can you believe it? My baby girl is getting married in one year so when Jaci mentioned that she wanted to go out dress shopping, grab some lunch and enjoy a martini for my birthday, I was PUMPED! She & Tim have been toying with the idea of a destination wedding in Punta Cana and after attending a couple traditional weddings over the past few weeks decided that this idea was best for them. Of course I was ecstatic because I teach fitness internationally and totally into experiencing an ‘island’ wedding ◕‿◕

After pigging out on organic bacon and eggs smothered with veggies we headed out for a day of adventure. First stop, ▷ ▸ ▹ David’s bridal.

David's Bridal

The dresses were absolutely gorgeous and my eyes teared immediately as I watched Jaci consult with her sales rep Kate. Kate reminded me of my good friend Anna. She looked and talked just like her!

ϟ Jaci consulting with Kate

They even had Jaci’s named posted by her dressing room ~ she felt like a Princess ♛

Princess Jaci

While Jaci was deciding on styles I walked around and priced hair pieces, shoes, bra’s and accessories. The selection was unbelievable with outrageous prices!

Lot's to choose from
Tons of accessories

Our mission for the day was to buy 1 dress. A “trash the dress”  that Jaci could wear after the ceremony in the ocean and on the beach for some fun, playful pictures. Mission accomplished ☑  We found a gorgeous dress for $99 that would be ideal for these type of pics. Unfortunately I can’t post the picture because we want to keep everyone from seeing it but as you can imagine, she looks absolutely beautiful in it. And yes, I started crying until Jaci said “Geez Mom, this isn’t even the dress. This is just the trash the dress!” lol

So after a few deep breaths and watching her try on a few different styles we found 1 more dress that fit like a glove and was perfect for her friends upcoming bridal lunch. She looked great and it fit PERFECT!

Perfect for Casey's bridal luncheon!

Excited about our purchases we headed out for a light lunch and a double martini to kill some time before our appointment at Catan’s.

Martini Time!

I knew that I needed a stiff drink after the fun we just experienced in David’s so taking advantage of the beautiful ☼ sunny afternoon we sat and talked about plans and ideas then headed out for our 3PM appointment.

Enjoying lunch & planning the big day!

Once again they greeted her like she was the Queen of England even commenting on her fun-filled personality. Running a little behind with appointments they suggested that we look around, get some ideas and even visit the ‘trunk room’ with all of the designer dresses.

The ‘trunk room’ was not a good idea!

When I walked into this room my jaw dropped to the floor. These designer dresses were AMAZING! Imported silk & breath taking beaded dresses. NOTHING like the dresses that she had just tried on at David’s. Before I knew it I had 4 different styles in my hands. One that I just couldn’t stop looking at. The one that I knew was THE DRESS!

Armed with dresses we walked to the front desk and we were immediately stopped and told that those dresses DO NOT leave that room. Alrightie then I thought 🙂 “We can take those from you and set Jaci up in her own ‘special room’ with a sales rep” the owner said “someone will be right with you.”

Within minutes we were swept away to a private area with a HUGE changing room that was nothing like the others. She tried on all of the dresses and we kept coming back to “the dress” that jumped right into my arms. ✿ THE DRESS that I made her try on 3 times. And yes, the tears started all over again.

No, we didn’t buy THE DRESS but decided that we needed to discuss it before we made a final decision.  We had a few extra minutes so we decided to check out some styles and colors for the bridal party, take a few pics of green with purple, and check out a few mother of the bride dresses while we were there. There it was jumping right into my hands, my mother of the bride dress. PERFECT for a beach wedding, 40% off, fit like a glove and in my favorite color, purple!

╰☆╮ Perfect for a beach wedding!

✔ MISSION ACCOMPLISHED now time to head home for my birthday dinner with my grandbaby Peyton!!

Family tradition of finding the b-day cupcake!

My favorite ‘treat’ is the Reese cup from Rocky Mountain Chocolate. Don surprised me with one instead of the traditional birthday cake. Pey and I were in Heaven!!

I LOVE Reese Cups!!
I am so BLESSED ツ

It was the best birthday EVER filled with flowers, cards, balloons, wine, gift cards and fruit baskets!

Thank you for all my birthday presents!!
Amazing what they can do with fruit!

Thank you to EVERYONE for making my birthday the best day EVER!!!

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  1. Peggy Courtright

    Awwww Happy Birthday Carole!!!! You look fabulous as always…that dress is gonna look smashing on you!!!!

  2. Emily Sylvia

    You are such a wonderful mother! Enjoy the planning with your awesome daughter, Jaci too! Makes me want to cry just thinking about it!

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