It’s Thyme for a Clam Bake!

20 years living out here in the country and I’m always amazed at the October sunrises, the shooting stars and the awesome colors in the woods behind our home. One day we’re surrounded by gorgeous greens and then what seems like overnight, we’re sitting out on the deck enjoying brilliant reds, vibrant yellows and outrageous oranges.

The best part of waking up with Folgers in my cup!

Sunday was a busy day for us. After our morning chores, a little yard work and a visit with the neighbors, we showered and headed out to meet friends at Thyme for their Annual Clam Bake.

Fine Dining
One of the chef's at Thyme
Thyme Restaurant Annual Clam Bake

Joanie & Noel are clients of mine and we often meet them there for dinner, drinks and lots of laughter. When Clam Bake tickets went on the sale we jumped at the chance, we knew it would be a ton of fun! That’s Joanie to my left in the pic above. I just love her!

And here’s a pic of the outdoor seating area with Joanie getting more wine. lol.

Beer & Wine Included!

And see that guy to the left? I knew that face but I just couldn’t place him. When I asked him his name, I said, “OMG you used to ride my elementary bus.” haha. I couldn’t believe it! What a small world πŸ™‚

Although I don’t eat clams, I did try a few, then devoured my lobster and chicken. It was delicious!

The lobster was the BOMB!

Dancing and dining, the reggae band was rockin’ the house!

Reggae Band
Reggae at the Clam Bake

And the owner, John, was working his butt off!

Owner of Thyme

While Don & Noel people watched πŸ™‚

Don & Noel

Then Don notices this good-looking, fit woman walk in and it’s Kim Hallock. One of my dearest clients. This girl is AMAZING & gorgeous to boot! That’s her in the green top πŸ™‚

Love Kim's smile!

Scott is my favorite bartender and makes the best martini’s πŸ™‚ so when Kim offered to buy pumpkin martini’s, I was in! And that’s when I found Joanie sitting at the bar getting more wine! lol

Scott's the best bartender!

And then there’s Mike, my favorite server πŸ™‚

He's so darn cute!

I have no idea who these people are but they thought that I was a professional photographer for the restaurant and wanted me to take their picture. hahaha

Do you know these people? LOL

As always we had a ton of fun πŸ™‚ Is that you Joanie going back for more wine? Wait for me! lol

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  1. Scott Zody

    What a wonderful article Carole Thank you. Glad I finally got to see it. It’s wonderful people like yourselves that make Thyme such a wonderful place to work. Cheers! Scott

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