Do you have any advice for me?

Today was a great morning to work a couple of hours with some of my funniest clients, bang out my 50 burpees, then kick back and spend some time in the office. One of those dark, gloomy Ohio days, coughing, sneezing, run-down, but ready to tackle a couple of To Do’s. That and then the new LaCrosse CXS that I recently purchased isn’t function properly which means countless hours to the dealership and endless, time-consuming conversations with ‘specialized’ consumer relationship reps.

$40,000 later, 9,000 gently driven miles and experiencing numerous computer glitches:

  • No Remote Detected – it’s sitting in my purse beside me, I’ve tried both remotes
  • Don’t shop at Kohl’s or Hobby Lobby, it might not start!
  • Remote Left In Car – remote was with me in the store & wasn’t left in the car
  • 4th time the driver’s heated seat has broken. Each time tearing the seat down to the frame, initially replacing the grids then replacing the module twice. Seat doesn’t sit the same nor does it look the same after the 3rd tear down.

Tell me, do you see something wrong with this picture?

4th time heated seat has broken

I’ll worry about the computer glitches later but because it’s getting cold here in Ohio I need your help with this seated heat issue. Can you do me favor? Take the poll below and give me your opinion 🙂