Kara and Dana’s Wedding

Words can’t express our love for having Kara (Jaci’s  best friend) in our life but pictures sure can!

Jaci's best friend, Kara, celebrating Pey's 3rd birthday

Jaci & Kara have spent the last 15 years motivating and feeding off of each others knowledge and the two of them together are quite a team. It showed this weekend at Kara’s wedding.

Jaci takes a walk down memory lane

But I don’t need to tell you, a picture’s worth a thousand words ツ


2 thoughts on “Kara and Dana’s Wedding

    • Carole

      She looks great but she’s swamped with work, school and life! This might be one of those, jump on the plane pee wee herman adventure 🙂 Plan your vacation with us 9/29/12 somewhere in the Dominican! lol

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