Celebrating Life!

Don & I are so blessed! 6:00AM on a crisp Friday, a beautiful morning moon, our gorgeous, energetic granddaughter sound asleep on her pillowtop and a fun-filled adventure planned for the day.

The perfect solution for Don’s heavy heart. Earlier this week he got the call. His 100 year old Grandma Laney had just passed. Of course Don was her favorite, Grandma lit up like a Christmas tree every time she saw him.

I remember the last time we saw Grandma. Don’s Dad was in stage 4 liver cancer and we went to PA to spend some time with him. Dad lost his battle on 1/01/2010. RIP Dad, we love you!

Timing couldn’t have been any better for a much needed, laughter filled weekend. Months ago we had planned a trip to Toledo to see our old friends Leonard and Anna Marty.

Leonard & I have known each other since birth so he’s like a big brother to me. We see them at least 2 times a year and can’t wait to see them tonight. Leonard is Toledo’s well renowned artist/glassblower and he is hosting his annual Open House at his studio. His work is amazing and I have several of his gorgeous pieces 🙂


And since we are empty nesters and we can, haha, we booked the Pomeroy suite at this interesting bed and breakfast.  http://www.caseypomeroy.com/rooms-and-amenities/pomeroy-room/

RIP Grandma Laney ~ We’re off to enjoy a little road trip of memories and create a few new ones 🙂

Update: The Casey-Pomeroy House was a great choice to lay our heads. Sue, Stu and Julie are awesome! Check out the slideshow 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating Life!

  1. Peggy Courtright

    I’m so sorry for your loss you guys, but I am happy you will be having a wonderful weekend…I went to school with Dan Marty, Nina with Leonard I believe…what a talent!!! And his Dad was my anesthesiologist a few times at Medina Hospital while having my kids!! Wonderful family!! Great pic of he and his wife above! How cute they are!! Well have a great time…wave to my son, Mike and family and my sister Susan as you get into Toledo!! lol they live up there!! 🙂 Safe travels!

  2. faye

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Don was really blessed having a grandma in his life for so long.
    I also went to St. Francis with Dan Marty and remember Leonard since he was my sisters age, will have to show her is picture, he looks great! We are thinking of you.

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