Merry Christmas And A Happy Healthy New Year!!

Have you set your goals for 2012 yet? This year I decided that Jaci and I both needed a few things to release some pre-wedding stress & accomplish all of our upcoming goals so for Christmas this year I booked a world class get-away at Big Red’s Lodges for a fun mother-daughter adventure and I called it the “14 Days of Fitness.”

Everyday for 2 weeks Jaci received clues about her gift. She knew by the 4th clue that it was exercise related but (I think) she didn’t know where or exactly what her gift consisted of. Here are the clues:


  1. 2 hr drive
  2. no alcohol
  3. lots of water
  4. structure
  5. fine linens
  6. footbridge
  7. world class
  8. heart
  9. big red
  10. rose
  11. life-changing
  12. hot-bod
  13. the gift that keeps on giving

Big Red’s is on the campus of the Ohio Health McConnell Heart Health Center. We will have full access to the facility including the sauna and indoor pool during our stay.

You can check out some photo’s here:

So Merry Christmas Jaci Leigh : ) your “14 Days of Fitness” present is a 2 hour drive to Columbus leaving promptly at 1:00PM. Please pack your swimsuit, workout clothes and tennies then get EXCITED cuz we are going on yet another life-changing, peewee adventure!

Oh, and please don’t be late, your dietician, Rose, is scheduled to test your ‘hot-bod’ in the POD then join us for an evening of laughter and antioxidants at 6:00PM.  And yes, I’m bringing the camera for this laughter-filled adventure!

After a peaceful nights sleep on fine linens in your fully furnished cabin, you will awaken to the flames from your fireplace & the aroma of freshly ground Folgers (w/o Bailey’s ~ remember no alcohol today) you’ll then enjoy a health conscious early morning breakfast at the cafe after your 20 minute jog over the footbridge, through the wetlands and down Peggy’s path. The history here is the motivation we need to “stay the course towards a stronger heart.”

A quick clean-up after our run and packing lots of water, we’re off on a short 15 minute drive to meet our new running coach, Jeanette

Jeanette is a lifelong runner and a certified ChiRunning Instructor. She will spend 4 structured hours teaching us how to be more efficient and injury free while training for the Bridal BootCamp ‘Half-athon’ !!

The gift that keeps on giving : ) I’m sooooo PUMPED!! Cheers to the best year ever!


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