BODPOD And Metabolism Test

What a weekend! If you’ve been following my blog you know that for Christmas I decided to buy a fun filled mother-daughter weekend at the Big Red’s Lodge in Columbus, OH. I hired a running coach and I asked Jaci’s dietician friend, Rose, to do a BODPOD bodyfat test and a metabolism test while we were there.

First stop when we arrived in Columbus was to see Rose for our tests.


Rose was so good about explaining exactly what the test would tell us and what to expect when we were sitting in the POD. Before we headed out I decided to bodyfat test myself on my studio equipment to compare the results with the BODPOD.

Here are my results from my TANITA bodyfat tester:

  1. Weight: 107.61
  2. Fat %: 19.3%
  3. Fat Mass: 20.81 lbs
  4. Lean Mass: 82.0 lbs

And these are the results from the BODPOD Test:

  1. Weight: 107.7 lbs.
  2. Fat %: 19.1%
  3. Fat Mass: 20.5 lbs
  4. Lean Mass: 82.7 lbs

As you can see my equipment is fairly accurate to the BODPOD. I was so excited that Rose gave us this opportunity and we had a blast while doing it. Check us out in the POD! haha

Next we did the metabolism test. My Tanita scale is based on a ratio of height and weight. The results before I left showed a metabolic rate of 1181 calories. I also pulled my results from my BodyGem Metabolism tester (this service is available at the studio and requires a 45 minute appointment, cost is only $79 so if you do not know your resting metabolic rate, call me and set this up!!) ~ with the BodyGem I had a RMR of 1350 calories.

Rose performed the test and got a RMR of 1341. This is what she said in her email to me:

 Attached is the data from the carts today. Each excel file has 2 tabs. The first tab is the data averaged per minute. This is the one we use to calculate your resting metabolic rate. We want to find 4-5 consecutive minutes (ideally 5, but often times we can only use 4) where your VCO2 (the volume of carbon dioxide that you breathe out) doesn’t vary by more than 10%. We then average the values for those minutes to find your resting metabolic rate (it’s labeled REE in the data which stands for resting energy expenditure…it’s the same thing as resting metabolic rate). Your resting metabolic rates came out to be 1341. This is how many calories you would burn daily if you did nothing but lay in bed. Keep in mind that these are affected by the fact that you weren’t rested for 20-30 minutes beforehand, and that you had eaten within the last 8 hours, so they are probably slightly higher than the true values. However, as we discussed, since you haven’t had too much to eat, I don’t think these results should be too far off.

When we were done testing we headed off to check into our home for the night and get a quick 5K in before dinner. Check out Jaci vegin’ on the front porch after our run. 60 degrees and absolutely perfect outside!

Then off to Mitchell’s Fish Market for some scallops, shrimp and salmon topped off with a glass of Merlot and lots of laughter!

Back to Big Red’s Lodge to get a good night sleep before we meet our running coach in the morning. I’ll post more tomorrow with all that we learned! 

I’m thrilled that I could share this experience with all of you and hope that you enjoyed reading todays blog. Let me know if any of you have ever had the opportunity to have your bodyfat tested in the BODPOD. Oh and contact me if you’re ready to set some fitness goals and get your bodyfat test ($25) and/or metabolism test ($79)

We now know that my equipment here at the studio is accurate to the equipment used in local hospitals!! Enjoy a fabulous night 🙂

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