Let me start out by saying, I am not a runner, I know nothing about it and never in my lifetime did I think I would enjoy running.

My 1st exposure to running was 2 years ago when I got this brilliant idea to sign up for a 5K race in Seville OH. I thought that maybe if I conned a few of my clients to run with me that it would give us all an opportunity to set a goal and accomplish something that most of us had never dreamed of doing. I was so excited when a few of them said YES!

We never set a timed goal, our intention was to just finish the race. We had a blast and we all crossed the finish line!! Goal accomplished!

Over the past 2 years I watched my youngest daughter, Jaci, run quite a few 5K’s. I watched her times improve and saw the pride in her face at the finish line. Her energy was/is such an inspiration to me 🙂 I just knew that if I learned how to run it would be something that the 2 of us could always do together, wherever, whenever.

I remember the day when she told me that her dream was to run a 1/2 marathon. That look of determination that she WAS going to do this! So once again I got this brilliant idea to commit and help her achieve this dream. I think she was absolutely shocked when I mentioned it. Hell, I couldn’t believe I even suggested it! lol

So I hired a Chirunning coach, Jeanette, to teach us us how to stay safe and run more efficient. Like I said,  I am not a runner, I know nothing about it and never in my lifetime did I think I would enjoy it so I knew that I definitely needed to hire someone who knew how to run.

I found Jeanette by googling “foot slap.” It started 2 years ago when I was training for that 5K. I noticed that my left side was “lazy” and when I ran my left foot would slap the ground. I didn’t know how to stop it. I felt severely handicapped, hated running and decided to see a chiropractor who specialized in treating runners. I knew that my piriformis was an issue when years ago I strained it pulling totes out of my car trunk but when I had x-rays taken of my back and hip I was shocked to find out that I had a degenerative disc. I thought that maybe this was the reason why my foot was slapping.

Determined to fix this issue and wanting to really “enjoy” this activity called running, I found Jeanette and committed to a workshop, taking Jaci with me 🙂 So off we went to meet our new running coach.

We learned about the importance of pelvis alignment.

And practiced a variety of body looseners focusing on the ankles, knees, hips and back.

We worked on the arm swing and discussed the rotation of the lower body and not the torso.

We went outside and practiced and practiced and practiced more! The next morning Jaci & I put all that knowledge to the test. Right away I knew that Jaci GOT IT! She BLEW me away and her form had changed significantly. I just ran behind her smiling knowing that she would achieve that dream of SMASHING her first  “half-athon”

I ran 5 miles that morning and I felt GREAT! My times are not that good yet but I’m not having any hip, back or knee pain. That’s a positive at my age for a newbie. I ran 64.4 miles in December and I’ve set a goal of 75 miles for January with 25.1 already under my belt 🙂

Regardless of my times or mileage, the gift of running with my daughter… PRICELESS!


8 thoughts on “ChiRunning

  1. engagedandrunning

    I just LOVE this post and love my Christmas gift even more. it has been so great going through this experience with you and I am looking forward to creating more running memories! I love you!!

  2. Christine Wierzbowski

    I’m so envious of both of you. What a great experience. Can’t wait for more updates 🙂

  3. jeanette bays

    Hi Carole! I got chills when I read the paragraph about Jaci’s dream to run a 1/2 Marathon. I know what it feels like to have that dream and to play a part in turning her dream into a reality, is PRICELESS for me..and for you to run pain-free, also PRICELESS! Wishing you both a GREAT run!! jeanette

  4. Faye Yates

    What a fun weekend for you and Jaci!! Enjoy your time together, it is PRICELESS!!! I still can’t believe you are running and enjoying it!!!! I still get out and run, but it’s still a slog!!!

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