Heart Health And Preventative Measures To Take

I can’t believe that it’s been 7 years since my husband had his open heart surgery. I’ll never forget the day that he left for the Dr’s office. I had a full schedule with clients that morning so I wasn’t able to go with him. 2 hours later my phone rang and he told me that they were sending him over to the hospital for a gamut of tests. 12 hours later he was laying in a hospital bed waiting for open heart surgery. We were both so scared, trying to joke over the signing of the living will, the zipper he’d have down his chest, the overweight Bertha nurse that was giving him his butt shots. Should I unplug or not if something went wrong. Pig valve or mechanical valve?

The 6 hour surgery went great. No damage to the heart and arteries were clear. The aortic valve had almost closed due to a childhood heart murmur that was never monitored. If he would have waited 2 more weeks he wouldn’t be with me today. I think the hardest & scariest part for Don was when the cardiologist released him to my care due to my extensive background as a Personal Trainer. hahaha

Daily walks around our lake, light weight training, an abundance of healthy foods along with an awesome Prograde vitamin/supplement regimen (approved by his cardiologist!) and Don was back to work in just 21 days!

Which brings me to this awesome article about heart health from my Dietician friend, Jayson Hunter. Be sure to take a minute & check it out, it’s definitely an article EVERYONE should read!! Here’s to your heart health ♥

➙ ➛ ➜ ➝ ➞  http://www.transform101.getprograde.com/krill-oil-and-heart-failure.html   (if unable to click link, copy & paste)