Thinking of buying a Buick LaCrosse? Think Again!!

Remember the huge billboards you’d see with that beautiful black Buick LaCrosse CXS. So enticing that in May 2010 I went out and bought one. After test driving a few different makes and models of mid size sedans I decided that the General Motors Buick LaCrosse CXS was just what I was looking for.

Little did I know that I just bought myself a $40,000 headache! Here I am 12,000 miles later and I’ve been to the dealership more times than I can count. It started 1 week after I purchased the car and it’s been a nightmare ever since.

Computer issues with weird messages like no remote detected, remote left in car, alarm system service, parking assist service, heated seat won’t work, 2 keys programmed?! Everytime I get in and drive it something new pops up on my screen. But this weekend was the kicker when I had a trunk full of groceries and decided to take a quick run thru the car wash. Half way thru the wash cycle, out of the blue, a message comes up on the dash that my trunk was open. wth? And there I sat with my trunk wide open in the middle of the car wash. Do I get out and shut it while the car wash is still running or do I let $200 worth of food get a spot free rinse?

Sitting there in disbelief I waited til the wash was done, jumped out, shut the trunk and drove home. While backing in the garage, BAM, trunk pops open again.

So by now my husband thinks I’m insane and that maybe I just forgot to shut the trunk all the way. That is until it did it to him 🙂 I keep telling him that I’m not crazy, that this GM product is possessed and keeps doing some really weird stuff.

So after he plays with it a while and it continues to just ‘pop’ open, we decide to lock it up and call it a night. We’ll see what happens in the morning.

So this morning I get up, slowly open the door to the garage hoping that maybe someone came and took it off my hands, lol, and there she sits, shiny and clean with the trunk closed.

Until I hit the unlock button and BAM, the trunk flies open! So it’s 4AM, I wake Don up, start grumbling about the pouring down rain and all the errands I have to run driving my black beauty and having to stop every 100′ to shut the trunk.

Poor Don ~ he drags his butt out of bed, grabs some bungee cords, crawls in thru the back seat and secures the trunk from the inside. “You take this piece of shit Buick back to the dealership and tell them that you do not want this car back until all of these issues have been resolved!”

So back to the dealership I go. And now I sit and wait, once again to see if they can fix it. One thing after another with this car. So moral of the story and a bit of advice to all of you reading this….

DO NOT BUY A BUICK LACROSSE unless you want one very expensive HEADACHE!