I Just LOVE Being a Soccer Mom!

Don & I are so blessed! Jaci has been playing soccer now for almost 20 years. She eats healthy, stays active and is one of my BEST clients. Whether she’s sore, cramping, needs stretched out or just wants a little advice, she calls me. We are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished and we are ABSolutely thrilled that she is still playing soccer after all these years!

And yes, I’m one of those soccer Mom’s that finds it hard to contain myself,  haha. Sometimes I get a little loud and I’m sure I embarrass her at times but when she’s on a roll working that little white ball all the way to the goal it’s extremely hard to sit still and not start hooting and hollering 🙂 Check her out ~ and yes, she did score that goal. she’s AMAZING!

And she’s not afraid to get in there and challenge the big boys 🙂

I’m assuming that she was giving her opinion about the play & trying to sweet talk the ref into giving her team the ball in this pic, lol, that’s my girl!

And the laugh of the night was this one guy who kept losing his shoe. See it sitting there on the field?

I’m hoping that our little grandbaby, Peyton, gets involved in soccer. I can’t wait to get her outside kicking that ball around and ruffing her up a bit!

Can’t wait til this Sunday when we get to see J do it all over again 🙂


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