Whitefeather Meats

For the past year Don & I have been buying our meat at Whitefeather Meats in Creston. Friday I made my monthly trip to the store and had a very interesting conversation with the owner about what’s really in the foods that people are eating. Amazing that the government approves shipments of all of this contaminated food full of poisons & pesticides that are making millions of Americans ill.

If you are looking for high quality organic, grassfed beef, pork, chicken or bison, check out Whitefeather Meats, you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s an email the owner sent me with a little history of their business.

Hi Carole,
I so enjoyed sharing with you yesterday and having the recommendation about “Food Matters”. I’ve been sharing the title on my Facebook pages! We started in 1987 and formed an L.L.C along with our three sons who all work here, and also with one of our three daughters. Our journey began when Bison came into our lives and the “rest”, as they say, is history! Back in those days, there was no “Google” or “Yahoo” to search out information so I found myself at the local Library, researching Bison meat and organizations that might be beneficial to our fledgling business. To my surprise, there were two Bison Associations, (which have merged into one), who had nutritionally researched Bison meat and its benefits. Five years into our venture, we had the chance to purchase the processing plant which had been providing us with State Inspected meats since 1976. We eventually upgraded to USDA and have now expanded our Mission to include locally-grown, chemically free grassfed beef, grain-fed beef, chicken pork and lamb, with hopes of adding local produce. Thank you for sharing news of our company. You can find us under Whitefeather Meats (our business); and/or, Whitefeather Farm (my personal) pages.
Take care & God Bless!   
Bunny Perkins
Whitefeather Meats
14079 Cleveland Rd
Creston, Ohio 44217
330-435-6300 / 800-328-2476


When you stop to shop tell Bunny that Carole sent you 🙂