Excuse the dust!

Don & I are in a remodeling phase since we got this bright idea to redo the kitchen. The house is torn up temporarily so please excuse the mess!

After pricing granite with a price tag of $6000, we decided to try our hand at installing laminate counters because Don can get the materials dirt cheap and we can change it frequently if we want to. We chose Wilsonart Milano Mahogany and since we only paid $200 for the whole kitchen we figured if we didn’t like it we weren’t out a lot of money 🙂

We attempted to glue the laminate to the small counter near the fridge and it turned out great! Here’s a pic before it’s totally finished. That’s not the backsplash just a leftover piece of the counter.

We then attempted the island and were pleased with the result.

I tend to get a little excited and ahead of myself so we went out to start looking at wall colors and a backsplash. Here’s what we came up with.

We did the dining area in a BEHR Premium Satin paint called Frontier Shadow. This is a pic of the 1st coat. Three coats later and it looks FABULOUS!!

We chose to do the wall colors around the cabinets and the island in a BEHR Premium Satin paint called Twig Basket. This is a pic of the 1st coat around the island. I haven’t attempted to go around the cabinets yet! lol

We still have the 12′ counter to laminate and not looking forward to that big job but between the 2 of us I know we can do it!

We’re still deciding on porcelain or wood for the flooring but since Don can get oak at a reasonable cost we’re leaning that direction 🙂 I’ll keep you all updated and put together a slide show of all the before & after pics when we’re finished!

Stop in and see it the next time you’re here at the studio. Don is so talented and does an amazing job with every task he tackles!!