My Clients Are The BEST!!!

Today’s rowing class was one hot sweaty mess, way to go guys!! With Spring just around the corner I decided that we needed to kick it up a notch so I designed a fat-blasting, calorie burning workout. It looked like this.

Partner Training: * 500 calorie row * 100 sit-ups * 50 jump squats * 50 burpees

Now on the white board it didn’t look like much but 45 minutes later and Joy’s team was wishing they had brought their monkey butt powder. haha

And to top it all off, Joy decided that since we were remodeling the kitchen that I needed an ugly chicken. She said everyone NEEDS an ugly chicken for their kitchen!

I think it goes perfect with my new army green wall, all my antiques and my huge flower that I just hung up. Don’t you?

Today is the day that we tackle the 12′ counter. I’m so excited to see how it turns out 🙂

But first breakfast!! This recipe is so easy to make, low in calories and tastes amazing.

Portabella Mushrooms with sausage, roasted dried tomatoes, spinach and low-fat cheese. Because I had a little left over I stuffed it into a red pepper for my afternoon snack. YUM!!

If you’re out and about today be careful on the roads. Dick Goddard says another 2″ coming our way 🙂

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