Do You Juice?

Today on my lunch break I enjoyed my totally organic spinach, banana, peanut butter and flax oil smoothie in my special glass (makes me feel like I’m enjoying a special treat) while I watched this movie called FAT, SICK & Nearly DEAD.

If you haven’t seen it yet, PLEASE watch it!

It just shocks me at what people actually eat. Now I’m not perfect 🙂 and I LOVE to eat a Reese cup every now & then but in general I do eat pretty good. I’m always sure to put a protein with a fibrous carb. I rarely eat dairy & complex carbs, not that I don’t like them it’s just that I BLOW UP like a balloon every time I eat them.

I don’t count calories and I don’t keep a log of everything I eat. I know from ball-parking my food that I consume anywhere from  2000-2500 calories per day. If I don’t workout hard I’ll consume a little less.

I do recommend to my clients that if they have no idea how many calories they are consuming that they should consider logging their food for 7 days. Try it, you might be shocked at how many calories you’re actually eating!

I’ve been juicing on and off for many years and recently I have been juicing on a daily basis. I even splurged & bought myself a Vitamix to make life a little easier. It’s like a blender on steroids and I ABSolutely LOVE it!

I remember when my little grandbaby, Peyton, was born and I started her on pure apple & carrot juice, we called it her “magic juice” and she LOVED it. Now when she comes over I give her fresh juice with her lunch and sneak in some spinach or kale. She doesn’t even realize the veggies are in there. She was just here on Sunday and I let her make her own freshly squeezed orange juice. She guzzled it so fast that I didn’t even get to taste it! Such an easy way to get important vitamins and nutrients in her system.

Can you cure and prevent disease with nutrition? I believe you can. Studies show that only 1-2% of cancer is based on your genes. Your environment and diet are the main factors of cancer & disease and a diet with plant-based products have less incidence.

Do you want to sleep better at night? Do you need more energy to get thru your day? Does your body ache? Are you taking prescription drugs? Maybe you should consider juicing just one of your meals on a daily basis. It’s so easy to do & it may just change your life 🙂

Here’s a list of a few books on juicing. Check them out at your local library!

* The Everything Juicing Book – Carole Jacobs

* Juice! – Pippa Cuthbert

* The Complete Book of Juicing – M. Murray

And if anyone wants to start juicing and you’re not sure how to go about doing it, call me! I’ll help you with this journey in any way I can 🙂

Now that I’m all juiced up, lol, it’s time to get ready for an intense exercise session with my youngest daughter. CrossFit Barbara is on the agenda!! Create the healthiest day EVER!!

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  1. Jenn Stankiewicz

    I watched this video when it came out I loved it and I have been juicing everyday for 5 years now. Kale is my superfood! I make kale chips also.

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