CrossFit Girls

WOW, what a great CrossFit class this morning! The Saturday morning Ladies were one hot, sweaty, sexy mess after their workout 🙂

Blasting calories, building muscle & having a ton of FUN!

And smiling all the way 🙂 Welcome back to class Kari!! We missed your beautiful smile & contagious laughter! Say goodbye to 12lbs of bodyfat this month!! March is all about YOU!

Angie’s back and feeling like her old self again & rockin’ the studio with her strength & stamina. So impressed by her speedy recovery!

I just LOVE Patti and I’m so pumped for her! She’s lost 10lbs in 2 1/2 weeks and working on another 10lbs. You go Patti, we know you can do it!!

A special shout out to Joy ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND! You’re the BEST!!! You gotta love those hot flashes! hahaha

CONGRATS to Ashley who won the “last wo-man standing” contest. We’re so happy to have you in our ‘fitness family’ ~ you are AWESOME!!

Don’t forget to post on the whiteboard next time you’re here. It’s a great way to stay motivated and have some fun with your teammates 🙂

Recently I’ve been teaching Peyton how to juice and you can see how thrilled she was after I told her she couldn’t drink it all and had to save some for her Mom & her Poppa! haha

And if you aren’t getting all of your fruits and veggies in you may want to try juicing just once a day. It’s really easy to do and the energy derived from this ‘magic juice’ is unbelievable!

Carrots, apples & spinach ~ YUM!!!!

Thanks for making my day CrossFit Girls. I’m always there for you in your diamond studded journey to better health and a more vibrant life! Enjoy a healthy, laughter-filled weekend 🙂


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