Chardon School Shootings

February 27, 2012, a quiet Monday morning as I sat at my computer working on clients files, designing their fitness programs for the week, considering each individuals needs and busy lifestyle when the email from CNN came in.

I’m signed up to get alerts from CNN so when I saw the email come in about a school shooting in Ohio I opened it immediately. My heart sank as I read about the children that had just been shot.

A quick flashback to 1999 when the Columbine High School massacre occurred, I remembered thinking that when my two daughters were still in school I never really worried about that happening out here in the Cloverleaf district. A quiet little town where the kids drove their tractors to school as a prank and they all called in sick to take the day off when deer season opened.

I quickly turned on the local news to get details and an update on the children that were shot. I remember sitting there thinking about the Marco family who had recently lost their son when he was shot at his college and I started to cry when I heard the news about Danny.

An intelligent, young boy that I didn’t even know had just lost his life. Days later I sobbed as I watched the press conferences with his family; their strength through this time of sadness was quite impressive.

And then I met Marcella ~ my esthetician friend, Patti, had recently been diagnosed with cancer and emails had been circulating with updates on her recovery. That’s when I saw this email:

“Thanks for keeping me posted everyone on Patti. I love her dearly and I haven’t been able to get to see her or call. My cousin was the first child that was killed in the Chardon Shooting so my life the past week has kind of not been my own.  I’m attaching a letter for everyone to pass around.  I’m trying to help soften the load for my family.” Marcella M Rider

Attached was this: Chardon School shootings

So please, if any of you can help Danny’s family I know that it is greatly appreciated. And don’t forget to hug your kids today and tell them how much you love them 🙂