Progesterone Cream ~ The Cinderella Hormone I’m told!

Lately I’ve been feeling like the blood is being sucked out of me, I can’t see, my hearing is going, my memory is shot, can’t concentrate and recently have experienced a couple of middle of the night anxiety attacks. But the real kicker was the other day when Don came home from work and found me cooking dinner with a bag of frozen veggies on my head. It was then that I knew I was in what everyone warned me about ~


So what are the signs of Perimenopause? Experts say that you’ll know you are transitioning into menopause when you begin experiencing some or all of the following symptoms:

Hot Flashes – well I’ve started with these occurring anywhere from 5-15x per day! One word to explain these: They SUCK! One minute you’re fine, next minute you’re on fire the next minute you’re freezing.

Night Sweats – OMG I cannot believe the frequency & intensity of what is happening to my body at night. No rest & repair for me the past 6 weeks!

Fatigue – just started with this one! Give me a minute and I’ll be right back, I need to go put my feet up for a few!

Difficulty Sleeping – Let’s just say that Don has threatened to kick me to the spare room more than once and that’s not happening cuz I reminded him that he married me for better or for worse and 30 years later that includes night sweats and insomnia 🙂

Irregular periods – Dr fixed that 9 years ago so that’s not an issue

Decreased Libido – no problem there thanks to daily exercise, wink, wink

Breast Tenderness – none yet but there’s not a whole lot there to be tender although I am due for a mammogram so I’ll have to get back with you on this one!

Mood Swings – Damnit Don I’m not crabby, now go sleep on the couch or something!

Frequent Urination – um, yes I already know where all the bathrooms are when I go out, hence the reason we rarely go out!

Vaginal Dryness – just FYI don’t buy the cheap lube at Drug Mart. Invest in the $20 bottle, so worth it!

The night sweats was the turning point for me so I began the adventure to investigate the world of hormones, a mission to understand what is happening to my body and attempt to return it to hormonal balance.

Because I am choosing to go a natural approach I went on a little field trip to Ritzman Pharmacy today where I met a very knowledgeable woman named Pam. Pam took the time to explain all the necessary perimenopause products to me and reminded me of all the symptoms I have to look forward to over the next few years.

She even gave me this little gift bag chock full of reading material, coupons, a 7 day pill planner, lip balm and some Burt’s Bees body lotion 🙂

$100 later I’m armed with all of my products hoping to get some relief. And yes, that was me driving down Route 224 rubbing progesterone cream all over my body!

Progesterone Cream ~ The Cinderella Hormone I’m told. A very magical cream that will reduce the symptoms within a couple of weeks. Progesterone is produced by ovulating and well, it’s obvious my ovulating days are over.

“Don’t expect changes overnight” Pam assured me, “It may take a few weeks before you notice the night sweats are dissipating and your daily hot flashes are lessening.”

“DAMNIT PAM”, I said rather loudly, “I’m going to rub this stuff ALL OVER every hour on the hour to make this STOP!” She smiled and calmly said, “Honey, you have just begun the joys of perimenopause!”

So I’m sharing this journey with all of you in hopes that if you are experiencing any of these insanely bothersome symptoms that you may pull a pointer or two from this blog. I’ll update you on what’s happening with the products that I’m using and I’m hoping that these night sweats will be gone within a couple of weeks. They say that weight loss is a possibility so this will be interesting seeing how Don just recently commented that I was getting a little too skinny again.

Pam also went on to explain the importance of B Vitamins, calcium, and black cohosh. Some of the products that I agreed to implement into my supplement regimen.

I’m desperate so right now I’ll try anything!

She even went on to express her concern about me not drinking milk or getting enough dairy stating that she’s seen a lot of issues with women and bone loss during this time in their life so with that in mind I did stop at Whitefeather Meats and bought some Hartzler Milk. As soon as I got home I drank a small glass. One word… HEAVEN!!!!!

My mood has been great so I’m curious to see if it will be affected in any way. I’m pretty laid back and don’t easily get fired up. I’m scheduled for a Pap test in 2 weeks so I’m sure that once I tell my ob/gyn all about my symptoms that she’ll probably encourage me to go on a hormone replacement therapy. I’ve decided that regardless of what she tells me I will stick to the more natural methods.

So welcome to the beginning of my hormonally challenged journey into exploring a more natural approach to keeping my estrogen in balance while maintaining healthy levels of progesterones.

Enjoy a fabulous day; I’m off to get my bag of frozen peas.


6 thoughts on “Progesterone Cream ~ The Cinderella Hormone I’m told!

  1. Brittney

    If you were a new customer of Ritzman’s you should have gotten a $25 gift card 🙂 I did when I used the pharmacy yesterday for princess’ prescription!

  2. Carole

    You get that if you get a script filled there. I’m not on any drugs so I didn’t qualify for that. I do like that store tho 🙂

  3. nancy dillon

    i did all the things you are doing…seems it just has to run its course. it would be better for a while then get worse. when my BMI was at 19, it was horrible! seems your body stores estrogen in fat and when you get too thin, the symptoms intensify.

    i still have anxiety and insomnia, over 15 years now and i am post-menopausal. the night sweats and hot flashes are less frequent but still occur , often with more intensity. but overall , i feel much better than i did at the onslaught of this terrible woman thing!

    we can survive…we are strong… we are woman!

  4. Jenn Stankiewicz

    You can always go to an irodologist or all natural/homeopathic dr. I have a friend using the cream and she had good results. Source naturals is a good brand, you can order online like and it will be cheaper in the future. 🙂 Good Luck

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