Pink Slime – Are You Eating It?

Did you see the news about pink slime yesterday?

Last month while I was shopping at Whitefeather Meats, the owner, Bunny, was telling me about what’s really in the meat at our local grocery stores. Then last night ABC had a segment on pink slime confirming that 70% of the meat in your supermarket has this filler.

One word: YUCK!!!

Check it out here if you missed it on ABC last night. According to this USDA scientist, Carl Custer, the product is not really beef, but “a salvage product, fat that had been heated at a low temperature and the excess fat spun out.”

After reading about pink slime now you know why I buy all my meat from Whitefeather! And the proof is in the meals I make every night. Check out yesterday’s dinner:


Tasty bison burger with mushrooms, tomatoes, and low-fat cheese with a side of garlic peppered asparagus. So good that I ate TWO burgers 🙂 I even had a glass of Hartzler whole milk and I never drink milk!! Tonight’s dinner was chicken from, yes, you guessed it, Whitefeather’s 🙂

Seasoned chicken with spinach, mushrooms, goji berries, almonds and crushed garlic.

Another scrumptious dinner!

I’ve also been following Craig’s food blog. Craig is a 27-year-old butcher over at Whitefeathers and he has been posting his food intake for the last few weeks. I found Craig to be such an inspiration that I went to Creston this week to meet him. I’m so excited for his fat loss and his enthusiasm for a fitter, healthier lifestyle that I offered to body fat test him and design a circuit workout for him to do over the next 6 weeks.

We’re calling it Carole’s Killer Circuit 🙂

Craig and his beautiful wife, Jesse, will be coming to the studio on Monday for some tips, tricks and solutions to their fat loss adventure and Craig has agreed to blog about this adventure so we’ll be sharing links to keep you all informed 🙂

Enjoy a fun weekend and if you get a chance get over to Whitefeather Meat and stock your freezer with grass-fed meats, no fillers in their products ~ GUARANTEED!

UPDATE: My youngest has just informed me that we are registered to do a FLASH MOB DANCE in Cleveland next Friday for a surprise 40th birthday party. I’ve got 1 week to learn this dance!


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