You Can Lose Weight!

Lately I’ve blogged a lot about Whitefeather Meats and since I’m a Paleo girl I make sure I eat a quality protein at every meal. This means spending a little extra money on my meat and poultry so I stock my freezer with products from Whitefeathers. That’s where I found Craig 🙂

For the past 3 weeks Craig has been blogging about his food and his weight loss on Facebook and I’ve been quite impressed with his consistency and dedication so I offered to bodyfat test him and design a killer circuit workout to compliment his weekly CrossFit workouts.

Here are Craig’s stats that he posted on his blog February 20, 2012

Weight: 240.5lbs

Waist: 43.5”

Thigh: 26”

Last night we weighed and tested Craig’s bodyfat.

Here are his current stats.

Weight: 230.41

Waist: 37”

Bodyfat: 26.4%

In just 3 short weeks Craig has lost 10lbs and 6.5” in his waist! He has been consistently working out and diligently focusing on the Paleo lifestyle.

I designed a quick, high intensity workout for Craig to implement 1x per week along with his other CrossFit workouts to stimulate fat-loss and increase his metabolic rate. Here’s what he will be accomplishing:

10-minute warm-up on a Concept2 rowing machine.

He will log his meters and focus on increasing his meters each warm-up then perform 3 cycles of 10/8/5 reps of box jumps, man makers, up down planks and kipping pull-ups

Day 1 and Craig got right on this! He completed this workout in 11:30.

The goal is to do this circuit for time without any rest in between. He will do this 1x per week for 6 weeks improving & documenting his time each workout. I can’t wait to see what his results are at the end of 6 weeks.

When you get a minute check out Craigs blog and follow along with his progress. We’ll retest his bodyfat in 6 weeks and update you on his success. CONGRATS Craig ~ you are the BOMB!!

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